Using gestures with Navdy

You can use natural, simple hand gestures to control Navdy while you're driving. Gestures are a fun and simple way to complete common tasks. Best of all, when you use gestures you keep your hands free and your attention on the road.

The sensor on the front of the Display can detect when you quickly swipe your hand left or right in front of Navdy.

Try out gestures

To learn exactly how the sensor reacts to your movements please try out the Learning gestures tutorial on your Navdy.  You can find Learning gestures in the menu under settings.

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With Navdy, you can answer a call by swiping left, and ignore it by swiping right.  When you’re on a call, you can open the active call glance by swiping left, and close it again by swiping right.


You can read messages, notifications, and other glances by swiping left to view the glance, and swiping right to close it.  If you have more than one glance, swipe left again to read the next one.

Gesture prompts

Accept or dismiss prompts on Navdy any time you see the gestures prompts (hands with arrows). You’ll see gesture prompts for available updates, shutdown, incoming calls, suggested destinations, and more.

Gesture tips:

  • Make sure Navdy can see your hand when you swipe. The sensor that reacts to your gestures is directly above the power light. If the sensor can't see your gestures, Navdy won't be able to respond to them.

  • If the Display doesn’t respond to your gestures, try swiping higher, above the top of your steering wheel.   

  • On rare occasions, direct sunlight, flashing shadows caused by light shining through trees, and other visibility conditions can make it hard to detect your motions. Try using gestures again when you're in different lighting conditions. In the meantime, don't forget that you can always use the Dial to control Navdy.

  • Navdy actually gets smarter over time. Try testing gestures again after a drive to see if the Display is more responsive.


Your messages, emails, notifications, and Navdy updates appear as glances on your Navdy Display.  Each glance has a small view and an extended view.

Use gestures to control Glances:

  • If you a see a Glance, swipe left to view it. Swipe right to close the Glance. If you have more than one glance, swipe left again to read the next one.

  • Unread Glances are indicated by a dot on the right of the Display. You’ll see Glances for music and phone call notifications. They can be hidden by swiping left to right.

Here’s how to get familiar with glances while you’re parked:

  1. 1. Connect your phone to the Display from the Navdy app.

  2. 2. Tap the Glances tab in the phone app. Make sure to enable Glances before you tap "See a Glance".

  3. 3. This will send sample Glances to your Display.

  4. 4. Swipe left to open and right to close Glances.

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