Using Dash mode

You can use Navdy’s Dash mode to create a custom dashboard of information from your car, phone, and the current trip.  Dash mode displays three gauges that you can configure above with the current road or turn-by-turn directions shown along the bottom.

Primary gauges

Dash features one large primary gauge that can be set to one of two styles.  This gauge is always visible in Dash mode.


Tachometer (default) features a large numeric speedometer surrounded by a tachometer (RPM x 1000) graph.  When you are driving faster than the speed limit, the speed limit replaces the MPH / kph.  A small indicator will be displayed for peak RPM speeds.


Speedometer displays your current speed numerically and with a graph, which provides a visual warning when you are over the speed limit. If you 1-10 mph over the speed limit, the gauge will turn blue. If you are more than 10 mph over the speed limit the gauge will turn yellow. The speed limit is indicated with a small tick mark in the graph, and when you’re exceeding the  speed limit, you’ll see the speed limit displayed numerically.

Changing the primary gauge

You have two options for your primary gauge, a Speedometer or Tachometer. You can change the primary gauge by going to the Menu > Dash options > Speedometer / Tachometer.

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Side gauges

The side gauges can display a variety of information from your car, phone, or the current trip.  You can easily change the side gauges by rotating the dial left or right.

Trip gauge

The trip gauge displays the duration and distance travelled for your current trip if you aren’t navigating with Navdy.

ETA gauge

If you’re on a trip, the trip gauge is replaced with an ETA gauge which displays estimated time of arrival and distance to your destination.

Fuel gauge

The fuel gauge displays your car's estimated fuel level.  Note: fuel gauge is not available in cars that don’t support fuel level.

Compass gauge

The compass shows your current heading.

Calendar gauge

The calendar gauge displays the next calendar event from your phone’s calendar. You can configure which calendars are available in the Navdy app in Settings > Calendar.

Music gauge

The music gauge displays the current current song being played by your phone.

Clock gauges

There are three clock gauges that can be selected in Dash mode.  The Day clock displays the day, date, and time.  The Digital clock shows the time numerically, and the Analog clock shows the time graphically with a small date indicator.

Changing the side gauges

To change the side gauges, you simply rotate the Dial.  You can change one side at a time, and you can adjust which side is changed by selecting Menu > Dash options > Scroll left gauge / right gauge.

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