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‘Share a Trip’ keeps life on track, even when you’re on the go

Life can be hectic. How many times have you been rushing out the door, shoelaces still untied, trying to swig that last sip of morning coffee? You get in the car, start driving while fumbling with your phone—franticly trying to text your ETA to the person you’re supposed to be meeting. We’ve all done it. It’s a hassle, but more than that, it’s downright unsafe.

That’s where our new Share a Trip (powered by Glympse) feature comes in. It keeps friends, families and colleagues connected, while providing a safer driving experience—no matter how hectic life gets.

Share a Trip is a free and easy way to share your trip or location to a recent or favorited contact without having to touch your phone.

Here’s how it works

1. When you’re driving with Navdy, use the Navdy Dial to scroll through the main menu and select Contacts. 

2. Choose a favorite or recent contact. If you’re currently using navigation, you’ll see an option to share your trip.

3. Otherwise, you can share your current location. Pick from three responses—”On my way,” “I am driving,” or “I am running late.” If you wish, you can elect not to send a message at all.

The recipient will then receive a text message with a URL that links to a real-time interactive map showing your current location, the route you’re on, final destination and ETA. It even counts down to your arrival, second by second, so the recipient knows precisely when to expect you— so you can focus on getting there safely.

We’re thrilled to partner with Glympse, a pioneer in the location technology services space, to bring our customers the Share a Trip feature. We see huge potential to expand upon this feature in the future, looking at things like family sharing—where you could locate a specific person and navigate directly to them. As always, we’re committed to improving our product, adding new features, and delivering an elevated driving experience.

To learn more about our new Share a Trip feature, be sure to watch our video. And let us know what you think via social media. Life is always going to be hectic, but with Navdy on your side, you can eliminate stress, stay connected to your world, and keep your eyes focused on the road ahead—even when you’re on the go.

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