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Navdy “On Tour” at SXSW 2017

SXSW is where innovation meets interactive media, film, music festivals, conferences, and anyone with a passion for technology. It makes sense, then, for Navdy to be a part of the show.

Our home for this year’s event (March 10-12 in Austin, Texas) will be at the exclusive Mashable House. There, we’ll have our Navdy ‘pod’ on display, so those heading to the House will be able to experience Navdy—and even have a chance to win one (make sure you’re following our social media channels for more info).

We’re also partnering with three awesome bands performing at SXSW—Open Mike Eagle, Lincoln Durham, and Little Hurricane. We’ll be sharing behind the scenes footage and live segments, so again, follow us on social.

These bands are all here for SXSW, dazzling the crowds with numerous performances, and then heading out on tour. They’ll be using Navdy to navigate from gig to gig, all the while staying connected to the smartphone information they need. Needless to say, they’ll also be using Navdy to play their favorite music tracks.

Talking of, we’ve even created our own “Navdy On Tour SXSW 2017” playlist on Spotify. We featured 50 amazing songs from artists playing at this year’s event, as well as tracks from our very own featured bands. It’s the perfect way to feel the SXSW buzz even if you can’t be here in person.

While our overarching mission is to make driving a more connected experience, it’s fair to say that music is a big part of what we do. How many of us jump into our car and immediately fire up our favorite music apps? I’d wager, most of us.

Navdy allows you to control your music from the Navdy device via the steering wheel-mounted dial. The display projects the album art in full color, making the experience of listening to music that much richer and inviting.

We’re here at SXSW celebrating our passion for great music. For more information on our featured bands, check out their profiles below. And keep checking back to our blog for your exclusive backstage pass to all the action.

Lincoln Durham 

“Thick electric blues, mixed with the picking of a self-made cigar box guitar, among other rustically stringed instruments, lend Durham’s blend of roadhouse rock and front porch folk a gnarly texture that isn’t easily brushed off once it’s forced upon you. When Durham’s popping strings and pounding beats, even a larger festival stage can feel entirely too tiny to hold him in” — Paste Magazine

Little Hurricane

“What Little Hurricane does, which so few bands are able to manage, is translate the live music experience across to those sitting at home, infusing listeners with a taste for grimy blues and a lust for adventure” —

Open Mike Eagle

“A stand-out in Los Angeles hip-hop collective Project Blowed for almost a decade, Open Mike Eagle has spent the past nine years rapping and grinding hard. It's paying off and he's become the "it" indie-rapper of 2013” — LA Weekly

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