Tips & Features

Navdy just keeps getting better

At Navdy, we’re committed to bringing you the best driving experience possible, and we’re tirelessly working on new features. Here are a few of our latest features and improvements that we think you’ll love:

Share a trip including your route, ETA, and destination without using your phone

When you’re driving with Navdy, use the Navdy Dial to scroll through the main menu and select Contacts. Then, choose a favorite or recent contact. If you’re currently using navigation, you’ll see an option to share your trip. Otherwise, you can share your current location. Once you’ve selected who you want to share with, you have the option to pick from three responses—”On my way,” “I am driving,” or “I am running late.” If you wish, you can elect not to send a message at all.

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Preview a list of all your upcoming maneuvers for your trip

When you are navigating, use the Navdy Dial to scroll through the main menu and select Active trip. Use the Dial to scroll down to Trip maneuvers. Here you can preview a full list maneuvers for your trip.

Clearer turn-by-turn directions

We’ve designed a new turn-by-turn navigation experience with less text that offers a safer navigation experience. You will spend less time reading your next maneuver and more time focused on the road ahead.

Voice search improvements

We are constantly improving our Place Search feature so that you can search for new destinations using only your voice. You can activate Place Search by using the Navdy Dial to scroll through the main menu and select Place Search. Wait for the audible beep and the microphone icon to turn blue before you start speaking.

Improved fan speeds that will reduce temperature warnings

Your Navdy will stay cooler in the summer months when your car’s dashboard gets hot. Our goal here is to reduce temperature warnings.

Brandon Lynne

UX Designer