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How to use Navdy’s Natural Gesture Control

Navdy's natural gesture control technology can be used to control incoming calls, glances, and more with a simple wave of your hand. Here’s how it works:

Go to the “glances” section in the Navdy app on your phone. There, you can enable glances—as well as view all the compatible applications—and enable gestures.

The gesture sensor on the Navdy display tracks your hand motion. Swipe left to accept or answer, or right to decline or dismiss. When you swipe, do so above the steering wheel in the sensor’s line of sight.

As well as answering or declining phone calls, you can also use natural gesture controls to open and close pending glances. Swipe left to open a glance. Swipe left again to read it. When you’re done, swipe right to close a glance.

Navdy’s natural gesture control provides an effortless way to interact with your phone. Combined with the Navdy Dial, you'll never need to touch your phone while driving again, or take your focus away from the road.

Click here to watch Navdy's gesture control video for Android

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