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How to use Navdy Map Mode

Navdy Map mode is the default view when you select a destination. You’ll see a large, dynamic map in full color, the names of the roads around you, real-time traffic data with dynamic rerouting, and information like your ETA if you’re on an active trip. Here’s how it works:

If you’re not already in Map mode, you can access it from the main menu. 

The detailed map shows your location, road names, and displays traffic by using color: 

  • Green (or blue, if you’re following the navigation) indicates that the road is clear.
  • Orange signifies moderate traffic.
  • Red lets you know traffic is heavy. 

You can zoom in and out of Map mode by rotating the steering wheel-mounted Navdy Dial, allowing you to see an overview of the route you’re on as well as when traffic eases up ahead.

When you’ve selected a destination from the main menu or Navdy app, your journey will begin. The turn-by-turn directions show at the bottom of the screen. Your ETA sits on the top left with your MPH on the top right. 

By clicking the Navdy Dial, you can select Map Options from the quick menu. There, you can end a trip, disable traffic, mute turn-by-turn audio, or report a map issue. Notifications and glances appear on the right of the screen. 

Navdy’s navigation information is powered by Google Maps with offline maps by HERE. That means, regardless of whether your phone has network coverage, Navdy will always get you home safe.

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