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How audio works with Navdy

Navdy uses your car’s audio system. If you don’t have an audio system, we’ll use your phone’s speaker or microphone. You can control your music from the Navdy Display whether you connect to your car stereo using Bluetooth or a cable. No need to change how you currently listen to music—we’ve got you covered!

Make and receive phone calls 

Navdy uses your car or phone’s microphone and speaker so you can talk on the phone hands-free while you’re driving.

Tip: If you use Bluetooth to make phone calls, you’ll need to adjust “Call Audio Routing” in your iPhone settings. You can do this by navigating to your iPhone Settings > General > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing > enable Bluetooth Headset.

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Ask Siri / Google

Tap and hold the center of the Dial for 4 seconds to talk to Siri. If your car has a microphone Navdy will use it, otherwise it will use your phone’s microphone.

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Get turn-by-turn directions

With Navdy you can opt to hear turn-by-turn directions while you drive. Audio directions are augmented by maps on your Display.

Tip: If your car has Handsfree Bluetooth and you want the turn-by-turn audio directions to interrupt AM/FM/XM radio, enable Prefer Bluetooth in your audio settings. You can do this by navigating to Settings in your Navdy app > Audio > enable Prefer Bluetooth. 

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Browse and play music 

You can browse your phone’s music library using the Music feature on the Navdy Display. You’ll see your playlists, artists, albums and podcasts.  Simply select a song to play, or use shuffle play to mix things up.  

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Control your music

Double tapping the dial gives you quick access to Navdy’s music controls to pause and skip tracks.

Tip: Keep in mind you have the option to stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth or connect your phone using an AUX or USB cable. You can always make sure your audio preferences are setup they way you like by going to the Navdy app and looking in Settings > Audio.

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Having trouble with audio?

Open up the Navdy app tap on Settings then select Audio. In this section you will be able select the perfect audio setup for your car, whether you have an AUX cable to connect to your stereo, your car just has Hands Free Bluetooth (HFP) used just for making phone calls, or you have the ability to makes calls and listen to music over Bluetooth.

Additionally, the audio section offers  the ability to turn the settings on and off for your welcome message, turn-by-turn navigation, and audio speed limit warnings.  

And if you prefer you can also select a new voice.

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