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Go anywhere with Navdy

Navigation with Navdy is easy.  Let’s walk through the many ways Navdy helps you get to your destination, whether it’s on your daily commute or a weekend road trip.

Navdy also works when you're offline, so even if your phone doesn't have reception you can get to where you need to go.

Map mode

Navdy’s Map mode shows you a clear interactive map.  Map mode shows current traffic, your route, and labels for streets and highways.  You can use the dial to zoom in and out on the map.  You’ll also see your current speed, as well as the time or your estimated time until arrival if you’re on a route.  You can find Map mode in the menu.

Turn-by-turn visual and audio directions

Navdy will show you turn by turn directions in Map mode and Dash mode.  You’ll see a distance until the next maneuver, an icon indicating the turn type, and a clear description of the road name.  When you get close to a turn, you’ll see a countdown bar above the distance.  Navdy will also speak the turn-by-turn directions to you through your car’s stereo or your phone’s speaker.  You can configure this in [audio settings link: support > Audio settings]

Junction view

When you’re driving on a highway, Navdy will show you a preview of an upcoming maneuver using Junction view. You will see the lanes of the highway at the maneuver, with blue arrows clearly indicating the lanes you should use.

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Place search with your voice

You can use the place search feature in the menu to tell Navdy where you would like to go.  Navdy will listen using your car’s Bluetooth hands-free system (if available), or using your phone’s microphone.  You can say things like:

  1. “Take me home”

  2. “333 Market Street”

  3. “Navigate to Little Bear School”

  4. “Andrea Smith”

  5. “Whole foods on 4th street”

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Nearby places

You can also search for common categories of destinations using the Nearby places feature in the menu under Places.  Select a category, like gas, and see a list of nearby results.  This is a great feature of your on the go or in unfamiliar territory.

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Using the Navdy app

The Navdy app is a great place to find a destination.  You can use the intuitive search, powered by Google, to find exactly what you’re looking.  You’ll see the destination on a map with important information.  You can start the trip right from the app.  Plan ahead: if you’re not connected to the Navdy Display, you can queue up a next trip, and the trip will start automatically the next you connect to the Display. 

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Save favorites

You can save your favorite destinations using the Navdy app.  You’ll be able to start a trip to a favorite using the Places list in the menu on the Navdy Display, by saying the name of the place with Place search, or by starting the trip from the favorites tab in the Navdy app.

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Suggested and recent destinations

Navdy will learn your driving habits over time, and will suggest places to you.  Suggestions will appear in the menu under Places and in the Start tab in the Navdy App.  You can also view a list of recent places in the menu under Places > Recent places or in the start tab in the Navdy app.

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