On the road to innovation.

Reimagining what it feels like to drive.

Navdy created the world’s first Augmented Driving device for your car that lets you Look Forward while Staying Connected. Our Mission is to reinvent the driving experience and to make driving something you Look Forward to again. 

In 2013, we set out to fundamentally change the way you use technology in the car and to create a product that makes you immediately wonder how you ever lived without it.

Navdy is more than a new display, more than a new UI, and more than a new platform for Apps, it’s an experience and one we hope you enjoy every time you get behind the wheel.

  • Navdy’s aftermarket HUD proves a big in-car upgrade.

    - Darrell Etherington - TechCrunch
  • "Navdy has blown me away showing what's possible from an aftermarket device because it doesn't feel like an aftermarket accessory.”

    - Joe Bruzek, Cars.com Road Test Editor
  • “With a brighter, more crisp projection than that found built into even luxury cars, the Navdy Head-Up Display (HUD) begins with a clear, visual advantage.”

    - Wayne Cunningham, Managing Editor / Roadshow
  • "On a few occasions I jumped into the car and started driving without placing it on the dash and instantly missed it."

    - Roberto Baldwin, Sr. Editor
  • "Want to answer an incoming call? Just swipe your hand to the left, and boom: call answered, jedi-style. …damn, this thing looks cool in person.”

    - Greg Kumparak, Editor
  • "Of course, one of the most attractive things about Navdy is that you don’t have to buy a new car to take advantage of HUD technology. And since it’s so small and simple to set up, it can easily be moved between cars."

    - Jasmine France, Writer
  • "[Navdy] described it as a much more immersive and natural experience, which I confirmed during our drive."

    - Signe Brewster, Science and Technology Writer
  • “The reason it's called Augmented Driving is that Navdy's gear fuses the Head-Up Display concept with all the wonders of smartphone connectivity."

    - Daniel P., Author

Meet The Leadership Team

The Navdy team is made up of pioneers from some of the biggest names in business and academia—from NASA, Apple, and Audi to MIT, Stanford, and UC Berkeley. Then again, some of us skipped class and worked endlessly in the lab. As diverse as our backgrounds are, we’re united by our passion for perfecting the driving experience.

Doug Simpson


Phil Constantinou


Dan Currie


Rory Duffy

VP, Finance

Jesse Madsen

VP, Design

Sung Ook Yang

VP, Engineering

Gareth Jones

VP & General Manager EMEA & Commonwealth