Re-engineering the driver's point of view.

See the road like never before.

All information is transparent and projected in vivid color, giving you a clear view of maps, incoming calls, the road ahead, regardless of time of day or weather conditions.  

Transparent light leads the way.

Navdy’s transparent image is purposefully projected into the distance so the road stays in focus while you view the information.

An uncharted level of accuracy.

When Navdy sits on the dash, its GPS chip and antenna have a clear line of communication with satellites overhead. The advanced sensors, accelerometer and gyrometer all work in tandem to pinpoint your car, destination and route. No coverage? No problem. Navdy will keep you on course with built in offline maps and its own GPS.

Intelligence that comes in handy.

Navdy’s gesture sensor understands the difference between steering wheel movements and interactive swipes. It responds to gestures in a split second and works day and night.

Designed to endure the elements.

Driver-assist technology should never leave you stranded. That’s why Navdy’s been tested to withstand freezing temperatures, humid climates, and extreme heat and whatever else crosses its path.

A new OS for your car, built from the ground up.

With seamless access to the apps you love, Navdy OS enables an intuitive way to interact with your car. Based on your habits, it will make intelligent, time-saving suggestions. And new features update automatically, ensuring a high level of refinement with every drive.

Look Forward.

Includes free shipping to US and Canada.