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Your most requested features have arrived in Navdy OS 1.3

Navdy Displays are active in over 100 countries, and you’ve driven over 40 million miles to date. That’s over 150,000 miles each day! Today we’re announcing our next major update: Navdy OS 1.3. This was a huge undertaking, and it wouldn't have been possible without our active beta community; thank you for all of your miles driven and feedback along the way.

We’ve made significant improvements to dash, navigation, messaging, and more, so keep reading to see what makes Navdy OS 1.3 our biggest release yet.

Reply to text with quick messages

You can now reply to messages. This is one of our most requested features. Simply select reply, and choose a message. Messages can be added and edited using the Navdy app.

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New icons in glances

Glances have a new look, with icons to represent each action, to make them easier to use.


We’ve added new gauges to dash mode to help keep you informed, safer, and allow you more control over which gauges you see. Many gauges are now more responsive.

Drive score

The new drive score gauge gives you feedback about your driving habits. Each trip starts with a score of 100, and we hope you’ll keep it there. Speeding, hard braking, and accelerating too quickly will all affect your score.


Our racing enthusiasts have asked for a g-force meter, and we’ve delivered with our new G-meter. You’ll get real-time feedback about your acceleration, cornering, and braking.

Engine temperature

Another request from the community was an engine temperature gauge.

Speed limit signs

The new speed limit gauge keeps you informed.

Gauge customization

You can now choose which gauges are enabled in dash mode using the new gauges section in dash options. Only enabled gauges will be available when scrolling through gauges with the dial.

Navigation improvements

Navigation with Navdy is getting significant updates making it easier to start, manage, and end trips using the active trip activity. You can see speed limits and traffic cameras on the map, and we’ve made improvements to the turn-by-turn directions to make them clearer and easier to read.

Improved menu with activity tray

We’ve updated the menu, making it easier to get to activities like the active trip, music control, glances, options, and updates at the top.

Improved active trip

We’ve updated the active trip activity to help you easily control your trip. When you’re on a trip, active trip is selected first in the menu. You can quickly scroll to end a trip or mute and unmute spoken navigation. We’ve added the ability to contact the destination, and now you can see a list of directions. The map will zoom into each part of the trip as it’s highlighted.

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Gesture to close menus

You can now use a swipe right to dismiss menus and activities. This is a great way to quickly get back to driving.

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Additional languages

One of our most requested features, Navdy is now available in more languages. We now support English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

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We strive to continually make Navdy faster, safer, and more fun to use—and to respond to your feedback. If you have question, concerns, or ideas, please let us know. Thanks for being a part of the Navdy community, and to the 2000+ beta users who helped make this update possible. We truly appreciate the support!

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